Tuna Leather Keyring


Available now - Limited Edition Tuna Leather Keyring

Designed with a zero-waste ethos, the Tuna Leather Keyring is the perfect statement accessory for your keys. This keyring is the result of collaboration months in the making between Jacto and Giovanni Rose Handcrafted Creations, a relationship fostered by shared values, and a San Diego-based collaborative initiative called Fishful Future. The aim of this collaboration is to highlight the striking beauty and durable functionality of fish skin leather, which is typically discarded as waste in the commercial fishing industry. Our design combines form, function, and beauty with an underlying message of full utilization and support for US commercial fishing. 

The bigeye tuna (Thunnus obesus) skin leather is sustainably sourced from fishermen in San Diego, expertly tanned by hand in NYC, and the leather keyring is meticulously handmade in San Diego. Please note that leather is a natural material - there is variance between key rings. Over time with use, you will notice the leather naturally ages. This is 100% normal and to be expected.

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